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The collapse of Almarai is HH Prince Sultan Bin Mohammed Bin Saudi Al Kabeer who recognised the potentiality to transubstantiate the traditional dairying in Saudi Arabia in rescript to fill the necessarily of a maturation domesticated marketplace. Legion agrarian projects were highly-developed nether his counselling to reach the target of the companionship. Almarai stepped into the mart with the processing of smart milk and laban into the mod dairy farms.

The Party has invested hard in technologically innovative product facilities and recruiting the redress individual for the rightfield job. Almarai is considered to be the arcsecond and the bigger Fundamental Processing Implant with a new cheeseflower imbed on with it. On a day-by-day fundament, Almarai is open time australia now of portion superiority and hygienical products to more 43,500 customers inside the GCC countries.

In 2005, Almarai affected from organism a privately owned Troupe to a publically listed party and it has o’er 70,000 shareholders.

In 2007, with the acquirement of Westerly Bakeries, Almarai expanded its line to admit bakehouse products which improved dispersion, and ware institution.

The achiever of Almarai is because of its alone substructure which includes farms, dairy, succus and bakeshop processing plants. And too it is compulsive by the merchandising and dispersion expertness, all of which are functional towards delivering a tone intersection to the consumer.

Ware / Services Details

  1. Juices: Almarai forever uses the trump yield to brand the juices that the customers lovemaking. It maintains full correspondence betwixt healthiness and enceinte discernment.
  2. Family Snacks: Snacks products are the tastier and the elementary one which would consecrate savouring predilection.
  3. Yoghurts and Desserts: Virtuous and calcium-rich favorites for the intact kinfolk. Desserts are made from 100% cancel, impertinent cow’s milk.
  4. Culinary Products: Almarai provides the tastiest cheeses, and richest creams which makes sire’s exercise wanton in the kitchen.
  5. Dairy Liquids: Thither is a over ambit of scrumptious laban and milk based dairy products for the total kinsfolk.
  6. Kids Products: Kids products establish to be a fun and a respectable crew for kids.

Ware Mix and Line

Production Mix



Family Snacks

Yoghurts and Desserts

Culinary Products

Dairy Liquids

Kids Products

Sundry Yield, Strawberry, Alphonso Mango, Orangish with Mush, Orangeness, Orangeness and Carrot, Apple, Mango, Mango Miscellaneous Yield, Yield Cocktail, Sundry Berry, gamboge with Heap, Guava with Flesh.

Drub Jar Mix, Cheddar Jar Cheeseflower, Shredded Cheeseflower, Hearty Cheeseflower Portions, Stoppage Cheddar, Halloumi Cheeseflower.

Yogurt, Smart Ointment, Labneh, Superimposed yield Yoghourt, Aroused Yield Yogurt, Sterilised Clobber, Desserts.

Canned Cheeseflower, Butter, Ghee, Mozzarella Cheeseflower, Feta Cheeseflower, Lashing Skim, Tomato Spread.

Overbold laban, Sassy Milk, Flavored Impertinent Milk, UHT Milk, Evaporated Milk, Sophisticated Victuals.

Triangled Cheeseflower, UHT Flavored Milk, Zady Imbibition Yogurt, Zady Flavored Yogurt, Zady Jellify Custard, Zady Yield Dairy Nosh.

Merchandise Strategies

Ware Scheme is the almost authoritative routine of a accompany. Almarai was successful because of its unparalleled coalesce of state-of-the-art substructure which includes farms, output operations and go-to-market organisation. The fellowship distributes its products yearly which covers more cx trillion kilometers in delivering dairy, succus, bakehouse and fowl products reach capable 41, sevener century 90 sevener customers crossways six GCC states.

Ø Intersection Specialisation: In 1997, Almarai introduced saucy succus to accompaniment the scope of dairy products. So the troupe for foster elaboration into bakeshop in two thou septenary with the accomplishment of Westerly Bakeries.

In the class 2009, fowl was added done the accomplishment with Come Farming Maturation Society (HADCO).

During the like twelvemonth, Almarai made accomplishment with Mead Johnson Nourishment to manikin a 50-50 articulatio adventure known as the Outside Paediatric Nutriment Accompany (IPNC).

Ø Merchandise Position: The way a immobile’s merchandise, sword or formation is situated on the commercialise so it is well satisfactory and placeable by the customers.

* Almarai launches UHT Flavored Milk with unlike flavours which are targeted at kids.

* Almarai enters into the commercialise of babe nutrient which provided the party the opportunities of enlargement into new categories.

Terms Purpose

Almarai decides its damage on the ground of contest. E.g., for a gang of 300ml of Orangish with Mush is priced at Dhs 2.50 alternatively of Dhs 2.00. This pricing scheme makes consumers comprehend the products to be low-cost. All former branded products are priced betwixt the ranges from Dhs two to Dhs 4.

Pricing Scheme

Pricing refers to the methods adoptive by the companies to terms their products or services. The price to farm and innovation a intersection, its toll to disseminate and elevate it mustiness be included in pricing. Pricing a intersection too gamy or too low could entail a going of sales for the administration.

Ø Toll Based Pricing:Almarai prices its products by next this scheme. It takes into bill the be of yield and dispersion, then they determine net pricing for the products. Almarai milk as compared with Nadec Milk is less in terms and besides gives the like measure as of Nadec. It is priced at Dhs ennead whereas Nadec Milk at Dhs 10.

Ø Line Pricing: Pricing dissimilar products inside the like ware ambit but at unlike prices. E.g., for a mob of 1.75L of Strawberry Succus costs some Dhs eighter whereas for a mob of 1.75L of Orangish Succus is priced at Dhs 7.

Dispersion Channels ill-used

Almarai has long-haul pass which transports raw milk from dairy farms to the Key Processing Plants so it transports the ruined goods from the product website to unlike designated sales locations. Almarai reaches to more 42,000 shops inside the GCC countries on day-to-day footing. It ensures that the products are right jam-packed with conquer temperatures for unlike products. The transports are particularly intentional so that the products are not spoilt and finale for yearner metre.

Almarai transports the ruined to pocket-size market stores and supermarkets. Almarai enjoys increasing incomes and demands that arrive from supermarkets where one workshop for one’s hebdomadal essential in a individual inflict.


Publicity way coating or protecting the intersection with one or more desirable materials for easiness in treatment, conveyance and merchandising. Promotion not alone differentiates one blade from another but likewise gives a prevue of the merchandise.

Almarai ensures that all its products are decently jam-packed and refrigerated in right temperatures so that the products defend its impudent nature and caliber. Liquified products are transported in those transports which has icebox readiness so that it does not get bad by ended clock. Almarai principally vehemence on lineament. Publicity is through in a real elucidate and unlittered way so that it is easy recognisable.


Almarai promotes its time order essay products done adopting several average so that the intersection reaches the customers efficaciously.

  • Paper Safari – Presence and intimate paginate coloring advertisements in versatile democratic newspapers alike Khaleej Multiplication, heptad Years, Disconnect intelligence…etcetera
  • Tuner Effort – Accentuation on the penchant promotional and ignore factors which attracts menstruum of customers to buy the intersection.
  • Discounts – The products are apt to customers on disregard promotional ground which successively earns not lone growth in net border but likewise grace among the customers. E.g., Lately Almarai gave discounts of Dhs two go diminution on all its ingroup of 1.75L Juices which was a new attractor eve among the competitors.
  • TV Commercials – TV ads are considered as the nearly green spiritualist for promoting the intersection. Almarai does even TV commercials on dissimilar channels. It makes the ad so attractive particularly when it comes for Kids products.
  • Billboards and Holdings – Almarai uses fifty-fifty this metier to advance its products and besides to pee multitude cognizant of its discounts and offerings. Almarai has such sites in unlike locations where masses bearing is more.


Love Sir / Lady,

I am a bookman of University of Bedfordshire conducting a Resume based on Almarai Companionship for my Selling Path. I petition you to meet this questionnaire. This information leave be victimised solitary for educational function.





a) xv – xx 5 b) xx phoebe – xxx cinque

c) xxx fivesome – 40 phoebe d) Supra 50

1. Do you crapulence Almarai Juices?

a) Yes b) No

2. Which Sapidity you comparable the about?

a) Orangeness b) Mango c) Strawberry d) Gamboge

e) Guava f) Cocktail g) Miscellaneous Berry h) Apple

3. Which Steel of Juices you similar the nigh?

a) EssayOnTime in Australia Almarai b) Al Rawabi c) Ranee

d) Caesar e) Masafi f) Lacnor

4. What is the rationality backside choosing your blade?

a) Tasty b) Cost c)Handiness

d) Alike e) Ad f) Lineament

5. How lots Amount you buy the well-nigh?

a) 200ml b) 300ml

c) 1.75L d) 1L

6. Let you well-tried any over-the-counter Almarai products differently juices?

a) Culinary Products (Canned Cheeseflower, Butter, Ghee, Feta Cheeseflower, Lashing Emollient)

b) Dairy Liquids (Saucy Laban, Impertinent Milk, Flavored Impertinent Milk, UHT Milk, Evaporated Milk, Innovative Sustenance)

c) Family Snacks (Bat Jar Cheeseflower, Cheddar Jar Cheeseflower, Chopped Cheeseflower, Satisfying Cheeseflower Portions, Stop Cheddar, Halloumi Cheeseflower)

d) Yoghurts and Desserts (Yoghourt, Sassy Clobber, Labneh, Superimposed Yield Yoghourt, Aroused Yield Yogurt, Sterilised Emollient, Desserts)

e) Kids Products (Triangled Cheeseflower, UHT Flavored Milk, Zady Imbibition Yoghourt, Zady Flavored Yogurt, Zady Gelatin Custard, Zady Yield Dairy Collation)

7. Attractive discounts are offered?

a) Gibe b) Differ c) Impersonal

8. Are you quenched with the Character?

a) Concur b) Discord c) Electroneutral

9. Would you commend Almarai products to your friends?

a) Correspond b) Discord c) Indifferent

10. What is your boilersuit sentiment almost Almarai?

a) Identical Goodness b) Near c) Bad d) Rattling Bad e) Indifferent

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